Invest Show 2020

24-31 May, Online Digital Week, 100 000 + attendees, Fintech, Emtech, Edtech, AI, Blockchain

1-3 June, Real Estate Invest Show, 10 000+ attendees, Saint Peterburg, Russia

7-11 October, G20 Y Summit, 300+ vip attendees, Evian, France

20-26 January, Invest Show Davos 2021, 20 000+ Top attendees, 100+ side events at World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

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Invest Show 2020

Invest Show 2020

Top investment Gathering in Europe and Asia

Chain 2020, 15 January, 10 000 + attendees, Hong Kong, China

Invest Show Davos 2020 , 20-26 January

Esports Gathering Davos 2020

Emerging Technology Investment Meeting

Arabic Night, Africa Night

Sustainable Development Goals Convergence

15 + side events of World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Russian Blockchain Week, 22-23 April, Moscow, Russia

Eurasian Conference of Innovation and Digital Economy, 24-25 April, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Eurasian Forum of Innovation and Digital Economy 1-2 June, Saint-Petersburg

G20 Y Summit, 7-11 october, Evian, France

Invest Show 2020

[Invest Show 2020]

Topics for discussion

Digital transformation of business in the era of new technologies

How start-up can become a flourishing business

Blockchain integration in the real sector of economy

AI and big data leveraging in the industry and commerce

The future of technological investments

Russian Market

There is 500,000 + Developers in Russia

100,000 + Companies need to integrate Technologies in their current business in Russia

1,000+ Blockchain projects in a world

5000 + of the largest funds, investors and institutional companies

Invest in Blockchain

500,000 + people — Blockchain Community in Russia

300,000+ traders from Russia trade on Binance, Huobi, Okex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kucoin, etc.

The most powerful IT universities in the world SPbGU, ITMO,Polytechnic are in Russia

10,000+ projects in the largest accelerators and incubators of Russia

Russia is one of the largest country in the world and the richest in natural resources

The presence of advanced & unique technologies in a number of industries (aerospace, laser, instrument making, shipbuilding, etc.) in Russia

General concept of the forum

General concept of the forum is to unite representatives of business, enterprises, tech engineers and developers as well as academics and government authorities from Russia in order to share the current Russian market opportunities and to discuss all the possible ways of cooperation with Asian representatives. FREE ELECTRONIC VISA TO SAINT PETERSBURG FROM OCTOBER FOR 53 COUNTRIES


7+ Top Events

100 + Projects

100 + Funds

150 + Speakers

500 + VIP guests

Top 10 + IT universities

10 000 + Attendees

10 000 + Developers

Top 200 + Institutional company

Organize by ECIDE, Invest show


The presence of advanced & unique technologies in a number of industries (aerospace, laser, instrument making, shipbuilding, etc.) in Russia


Invest Show


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Eurasian Forum of Innovation & Digital Economy October, 19th — Saint Petersburg

Invest Show 2020

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Our partners

500+ Funds

500+ Funds

Institutional Funds, Venture Funds, Family office
100+ Projects

100+ Projects

Development, AI, VR, Blockchain
10 000+ attendees

10 000+ attendees

Investors, Chairman, Member of board, Top Executive

Our Team


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